Winter Vs. Sunglasses

It’s easy to notice that sunglasses are not as popular in the winter, but why is that? Is the sun less harmful during the cold months?

Over-exposure to the sun can be harmful to your eyes no matter how cold it is outside. Throughout the winter the sun continues to shower the Earth with UV rays, so what happens when you decide to stop wearing UV protection just because it’s cold? Over-exposure to UV rays can lead to Macular Degeneration and Cataracts. Photokeratitis (sometimes referred to as snow blindness) can occur when spending long periods skiing or on the beach.

So what can you do to help protect your eyes? To put it simply, wear your sunglasses! Make sure all your lenses have 100% UV protection, something which is often labeled. At 3 for 1 Glasses North York all of our sunglasses come with UV protection, including prescription and non-prescription lenses. When purchasing clear/everyday prescription glasses, remember that your anti-glare coating will help to reduce UV rays coming through your lenses, but this is not a replacement for UV certified sunglasses. 3 for 1 Glasses always recommends getting at least one pair of prescription sunglasses, and when you get 3 sets of glasses for the price on 1, this isn’t hard to accomplish.

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