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20/20 Vision

Congratulations, you’ve got 20/20 vision… so what does that mean exactly? 20/20 vision (sometimes called 6/6 vision when using Metric measurement) is the “standard” quality of vision seen by most people in the world. It is based off measurements taken from a Snellen Chart, which you’ll probably recognize:   Scientists have figured out what the […]

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Optician vs Optometrist

Think you know the difference between an optician and an optometrist? Though similar in name, their jobs are very different in nature. We’ve written up some basic profiles of each to help you tell the difference! An Optometrist is a healthcare professional concerned with the eyes, vision/visual systems, and related biological structures. The optometrist is […]

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Interesting History Facts about Glasses

Did you know glasses are not actually made with glass anymore? Despite the increasing popularity of glasses, most people don’t know very much about them. Here’s some interesting history facts about glasses we think are worth sharing! The use of corrective lenses dates WAY back- as early as 54 AD, Roman Emperor Nero used an […]

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