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20/20 Vision

Congratulations, you’ve got 20/20 vision… so what does that mean exactly? 20/20 vision (sometimes called 6/6 vision when using Metric measurement) is the “standard” quality of vision seen by most people in the world. It is based off measurements taken from a Snellen Chart, which you’ll probably recognize:   Scientists have figured out what the […]

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Winter Vs. Sunglasses

It’s easy to notice that sunglasses are not as popular in the winter, but why is that? Is the sun less harmful during the cold months? Over-exposure to the sun can be harmful to your eyes no matter how cold it is outside. Throughout the winter the sun continues to shower the Earth with UV […]

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NEW Eye Exam Availabilities

September is only a few weeks away, have you booked your back-to-school eye exam yet? Don’t wait until it’s too late- book your eye exam BEFORE school starts!It’s all too common to see an increase in child eye exams once September hits. Many parents don’t realize their child needs an eye exam until they’ve already […]

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