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20/20 Vision

Congratulations, you’ve got 20/20 vision… so what does that mean exactly? 20/20 vision (sometimes called 6/6 vision when using Metric measurement) is the “standard” quality of vision seen by most people in the world. It is based off measurements taken from a Snellen Chart, which you’ll probably recognize:   Scientists have figured out what the […]

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Are Your Glasses the Right Size?

Are your glasses too small? Perhaps they’re too large? You’d be surprised how many people don’t actually know! The size of your glasses is more than just aesthetic; it directly affects not only the clarity of your vision but also the thickness of the lens. Finding a size for anything can be difficult, but fear […]

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Why Poly-carbonate Lenses Might Be For You

If you’ve read our past blogs you’ll know that there are many different types of lenses, but did you know that you even have material options? By default most lenses are made of a standard optical plastic, but have you ever tried poly-carbonate? Poly-carbonate lenses are a hardened lens type designed to be impact and […]

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